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When purchasing a luxury vehicle, there are many options you need to consider. One of them is an extended warranty. Extended warranties protect you from repair or parts costs beyond the manufacturer’s original warranty term. Warranties offered by different companies will have varying terms and conditions, so it’s important to review them carefully. You need to ensure that the extended warranty covers the vehicle adequately to meet your needs.

It may be to your advantage to purchase an extended warranty when you sign the contract for a new vehicle. This will result in the warranty cost being included in any financing payments, and you know the vehicle will be protected for an extended period from the first day you own it. Extended warranties are something to consider as you would an insurance policy; you hope not to need it, but if needed it will cost you much less than having to foot the entire repair bill at a later date. It is cost effective to obtain a warranty now, knowing you won’t have to come up with money later to fix the vehicle.

A luxury vehicle needs ongoing protection to keep it in top order and to protect your investment. If an extended warranty interests you, please complete the form on this page and we will make arrangements for you to protect your beautiful investment.

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