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When many people picture Sweden, they think of a temperate climate, lots of summer daylight, and beautiful views of the countryside from every location. Sweden is also known as the home of world-class engineering and technology. Examples include power tools, automobiles, and military/civilian aircraft.

If you are a Swedish luxury car aficionado, you may also think of Koenigsegg. Christian von Koenigsegg and his staff have been building sports cars since 1994 which redefine the word “super” and set a hallmark of Swedish excellence in engineering and design.

Some records and distinctions awarded to Koenigsegg include:

  • In 2002, Koenigsegg CCBS named the most powerful production car in the world by Guinness World Records.
  • In 2005, the Koenigsegg CCR beats the McLaren F1 to become the fastest production car globally.
  • Its current offering the Regera uses a unique direct drive system combining an internal combustion engine and three electric motors to provide a megacar experience unmatched we think by any car other than another Regera.

Those who appreciate the good looks and fine lines of the Koenigsegg line should know that every line, curve, and body shape is to improve performance, with the added benefit that the cars are beautiful and powerful to the eye. Every surface is designed to reduce drag or increase downforce at higher speeds, providing excellent handling on all roads. Even the paint is designed to be more durable and survive wear that can occur at higher speeds.

Each vehicle, currently consisting of the Agera RS and Regera, is hand-made to Koenigsegg’s specifications with comfort and convenience features specified by the owner. If you are looking for a mega-car that breaks all conventions in performance, handling, and comfort, come to Manhattan Motorcars Chelsea and let us show you the features of the Koenigsegg line.


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