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The supercharged Elise S, delivers 217 hp and 184 lbft (250 Nm) of torque astonishing performance from such a lightweight car. The ultimate evolution of the Elise, its new 1.8 litre supercharged and charge cooled engine delivers instant acceleration with even more torque that’s accessible from low in the rev range. Select Sport mode and DPM characteristics alter for more engagement.

  • Performance Through Lightweight
  • Spirited on the Road
  • Alive in the City
  • Performance Through Lightweight

    A mid-engined, rear-wheel drive with an ultra-responsive chassis, utilising lightweight materials such as aluminium and composite deliver the ultimate driving sensation, providing phenomenal feedback with surefooted handling.

  • Spirited on the Road

    Since its launch, the Elise has been hailed as one of the best sports cars that money can buy, creating perfect harmony between driver and machine. The latest generation to carry the evocative name retains the supple road holding, fluid dynamics and tactile feedback of the original and combines this with efficient performance and economy.

  • Alive in the City

    The Elise handles the transition from open-road to urban grind with consummate ease. Its compact dimensions make navigating narrow city roads easy, and its distinctive styling ensures plenty of on-road presence.

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Ordering an Elise is all about you, your choice, your pleasure. Manhattan Motorcars Chelsea will provide support and advice on all aspects of your motor car.

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